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BoneQuest: Quest for the Bone (A Big Dumb Walkthrough)

BoneQuest: Quest for the Bone (A Big Dumb Walkthrough)

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In 2023, BoneQuest released a multiplayer interactive fiction text adventure – called BoneQuest: Quest for the Bone – in the spirit of Infocom games playable at

The complete walk-through of the game is now available in printed form – as a glorious brown paperback – for the low price of $9.00.

Players no longer need to request hints through fax or telephone support!

Weighing in at 160 pages, the guide shows every command required to win the game as well as all the output, quest variations and hidden easter eggs. A brief history of the development and other historical artifacts are included as well. The book contains a secret link to the map too!

This is the third paperback in a series from BONEQUEST!

Amazing how nobody asked for this and yet we created it anyway!

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