But why though

But why though

We always thought BoneQuest deserved its own store. It was just a matter of getting around to it. We (the royal we, The BoneQuest Boys) spent a few years slowly developing this stupid idea and then banged it out in a weekend with a single tenet floating around in our heads: Products emblazoned with our stupid faces should not be low-quality junk like so many dropship fever dreams out there.

We are selling things we want to have lying around the house: buttons and stickers and paperback books. 

As children we had access to piles of Peanuts paperback books, therefore there is no reason PANTS and SPIGOT and DEUCE can't have their own titles. We have elaborate plans around future books!

We can't do much about the shipping prices, those are locked in. 

For what it's worth: We're not going to collect your personal info or try to market un-bonequest-y things to you much less sell off your data to some dot-com dipshits. We've checked just enough boxes in Shopify to make this work. 

If you have feedback for us, good or bad, please let us know. We're not E-COMMERCE WIZARDS, we're just a bunch of dopes.

Anyway: Join us on this fantastic adventure until we get sick of paying to keep the doors open and then fooomph everything goes out the airlock.


pants & deuce & spigot & effigy

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